12.12.2013, 17:40

JIT THB WB first workshop for Slovenian local-level prosecutors and law-enforcement officials successfully concluded in Portorož, Slovenia

Today, the first workshop of the project "Use of Joint Investigation Teams (JIT) to fight Trafficking in Human Beings in the Western Balkans at the local level" successfully concluded in Portorož, Slovenia.



Workshop in Portoroz, Slovenia, 10.-12.12.2013

This three-day event brought together some 20 local-level practitioners from the prosecution and the police, dealing with THB cases as a part of their regular job duties. The workshop was conducted by renowned national as well as international experts in the field, coming from competent EU agencies, namely Europol and Eurojust, as well as other EU Member States.

As the main goal of the workshop was to acquaint the local experts more thoroughly with the concept of JITs, the first part of the workshop was dedicated to presentations on the overall usefulness of JITs as an investigative tool, the international and national legal basis for its use, as well as various possible forms of cooperation within JITs (be it within EU, with the Western Balkan countries, with or without EU agencies' involvement, etc.). In terms of practical application of the presented topics, participants were first provided with some basic information on JIT formation (which cases are eligible, how to prepare the JIT agreement and the Operational Action Plan, how to deal with costs and financing). This was further supported with some practical examples of actual JITs in the area of human trafficking, thus giving the participants some general feeling of the possible use of this investigative instrument to fight this form of crime.

Finally, all knowledge was used to perform a case study. Participants, divided into groups, had to use the obtained knowledge to deal with fictional cases of JITs by going through the whole process of JIT formation – from initialization, to operation.

The workshop is the first in line of 7 workshops to take place in the Western Balkan Region. The project will end with a closing conference to be held in Slovenia next year.

Project Partners

Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Slovenia
Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria
Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Bulgaria
Office of the State Prosecutor General of the Republic of Slovenia